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Section Maxwell
Type block

The initial electromagnetic fields can be set by the user with the MaxwellIncidentWaves block variable. The electromagnetic fields have to fulfill the Maxwells equations in vacuum. For a Maxwell propagation, setting the electric field is sufficient, the magnetic field (for plane waves) will be calculated from it as 1/(c.|k|) . (k x E).


   plane_wave_parser | "field_type"| "k1x" | "k1y" | "k1z" | "E1x" | "E1z" | "E1x"
   plane_wave_mx_function | "field_type"| "E4x" | "E4y" | "E4z" | mx_envelope_name | phase
   bessel_function | "field_type"| A_0 | m | omega | helicity | $\theta_{k}$ | mx_envelope_name | phase

Field type can be "electric_field" or "vector_potential". Note that in order to couple to an electronic system, the MaxwellCouplingMode variable needs to be set to a coupling type compatible with the requested field type ("electric_field" is compatible with length gauge, while "vector_potential" is compatible with velocity gauge and full minimal coupling). Otherwise, the field will not be calculated or applied to the electronic Hamiltonian.


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