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Section Hamiltonian
Type block

A static constant magnetic field may be added to the usual Hamiltonian, by setting the block StaticMagneticField. The three possible components of the block (which should only have one line) are the three components of the magnetic field vector. Note that if you are running the code in 1D mode, this will not work, and if you are running the code in 2D mode the magnetic field will have to be in the z-direction, so that the first two columns should be zero. Possible in periodic system only in these cases: 2D system, 1D periodic, with StaticMagneticField2DGauge = linear_y; 3D system, 1D periodic, field is zero in y- and z-directions (given currently implemented gauges).

The magnetic field should always be entered in atomic units, regardless of the Units variable. Note that we use the "Gaussian" system meaning 1 au[B] = $ 2.350517568\times 10^9$ Gauss, which corresponds to $2.3505175678\times 10^5$ Tesla.

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