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Section System
Type block

This input option controls the interactions between systems. It basically allows to select which systems will interact with another system through a given interaction type. The format of the block is the following:

  interaction_type | interaction_mode | …

Here is an example to better understand how this works:

  gravity | all_except | "SystemB"

This means that SystemA and all the systems that belong to the same namespace (i.e., all its subsystems) will interact through gravity with all interaction partners that are also able to interact through gravity, except with SystemB. Note that the opposite is not true so, although clearly unphysical, this will not prevent SystemB from feeling the gravity from SystemA (in Octopus the interactions are always one-sided).

NB: Each interaction type should only appear once in the block. Any further instances beyond the first will be ignored.

Available modes and interaction types:


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