oct-convert - Octopus utility to read obj files and write in many different file formats


This executable gives the ability to read files written during the ground-state or time-dependent execution


You can run ground-state and time-dependent execution of the benzene example.

Then, we have to add this to the inp file, if we want to have the ground state density in DX format:

 Output = density
 OutputFormat = dx
 ConvertFolder = 'restart/gs'
 ConvertFilename = 'density'
 ConvertIterateFolder = no

To convert the restart wave-functions (from 1 to 10) of a td run:

 Output = density
 OutputFormat = dx
 ConvertIterateFolder = no
 ConvertFilename = ' '
 ConvertStart = 1
 ConvertEnd   = 10
 ConvertFolder = 'restart/td/'

If we want to convert the densities of the time-dependent executions, from files td.0000001 to td.0000010: