Meeting 2015

Octopus developers meeting - 26-30 January 2015

The second Octopus developers meeting took take place at the Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena, Germany from the 26 to the 30 of January 2015.


Silvana Botti, Miguel Marques, Sylvia Hennig

We thank the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Jena for financial and logistical support.

List of participants (arrival and departure dates)


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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning David (Testsuite infrastructure) Alain David Hilditch Coding Party - IV
Coding Party - II Irina Coding Party - III
Afternoon Welcome David (forces) David (GW/BSE) Visit to the Carl Zeiss factory
Coding Party I Alberto Iris
Tim/Jan (short talk at 6pm)
Evening Dinner at Landgrafen Let us go for beer

In the morning sessions will start at 9.00 (we are not a lazy bunch), coffee breaks at 10.30 (with wonderful cookies from Kahla, already tested by the organizers). Lunch is at 12.30 in the mensa. Afternoon sessions start at 13.30, coffee breaks at 15.00, end at 17.00.

The sessions will take place at the Konferenzraum (take the right stairs) in Max Wien Platz 1 (2nd floor). If you arrive Monday morning, you can find us in Silvana’s offices in Fröbelstieg 1 (2nd floor).

New reference

Paper recently submitted:


These are topics we should discuss during the meeting

Coding sessions

Here is a list of proposed topics for the coding party. Feel free to add more items to the list.

Practical information

The meeting will be in Max Wien Platz 1 in the Conference Room. Silvana’s group is located 100 meters away in another building. You can find information how to reach it here.

The hotel is here.

Notice that Jena is a very small (and charming) city, so you can basically go everywhere walking.