Casida Linear Response

Mark Casida’s formulation of Linear-Response TDDFT allows calculations of the excitation energies of a finite system. For small molecules, this is normally the fastest way to calculate them.

To perform a Casida calculation you first need a ground-state calculation and a calculation of unoccupied states; then you run the code with CalculationMode=casida.

Here are the input files for a linear-response calculation of the nitrogen dimer, found at share/testsuite/linear_response/01-casida.* .

Ground state calculation:

The first step is to converge the ground-state:

Ground State input file

Unoccupied states

Once the ground state calculation is converged, it is necessary to add and converge more unoccupied states.

Unoccupied States input file

Casida calculation for excited states

Casida input file

See also the tutorial on Casida calculations.