type eigensolver_t
    integer, public :: es_type    !< which eigensolver to use

    FLOAT,   public :: tolerance
    integer, public :: es_maxiter

    FLOAT           :: imag_time

    !> Stores information about how well it performed.
    FLOAT, allocatable,   public :: diff(:, :)
    integer,              public :: matvec
    integer, allocatable, public :: converged(:)

    !> Stores information about the preconditioning.
    type(preconditioner_t), public :: pre

    type(subspace_t) :: sdiag

    integer :: rmmdiis_minimization_iter

    logical :: skip_finite_weight_kpoints
    logical, public :: folded_spectrum

    ! cg options
    logical, public :: orthogonalize_to_all
    integer, public :: conjugate_direction
    logical, public :: additional_terms
    FLOAT,   public :: energy_change_threshold

    type(exponential_t) :: exponential_operator
  end type eigensolver_t
  subroutine eigensolver_run(eigens, namespace, gr, st, hm, iter, conv, nstconv)
    type(eigensolver_t),      intent(inout) :: eigens
    type(namespace_t),        intent(in)    :: namespace
    type(grid_t),             intent(in)    :: gr
    type(states_elec_t),      intent(inout) :: st
    type(hamiltonian_elec_t), intent(inout) :: hm
    integer,                  intent(in)    :: iter
    logical,        optional, intent(out)   :: conv
    integer,        optional, intent(in)    :: nstconv !< Number of states considered for 
    !                                                  !< the convergence criteria

    integer :: ik, ist, nstconv_
#ifdef HAVE_MPI
    logical :: conv_reduced
    integer :: outcount, lmatvec
    FLOAT, allocatable :: ldiff(:), leigenval(:)
    integer, allocatable :: lconv(:)
    type(profile_t), save :: prof

    call profiling_in(prof, "EIGEN_SOLVER")

    if(present(conv)) conv = .false.
    if(present(nstconv)) then 
      nstconv_ = nstconv
      nstconv_ = st%nst
    end if

    eigens%matvec = 0

    if(mpi_grp_is_root(mpi_world) .and. eigensolver_has_progress_bar(eigens) .and. .not. debug%info) then
      call loct_progress_bar(-1, st%lnst*st%d%kpt%nlocal)
    end if

    ik_loop: do ik = st%d%kpt%start, st%d%kpt%end
     if(eigens%skip_finite_weight_kpoints.and. st%d%kweights(ik) > M_ZERO) cycle

      if (states_are_real(st)) then
        call deigensolver_run(eigens, namespace, gr%mesh, st, hm, iter, ik)
        call zeigensolver_run(eigens, namespace, gr%mesh, st, hm, iter, ik)
      end if

      if (.not. eigens%folded_spectrum) then
        ! recheck convergence after subspace diagonalization, since states may have reordered
        eigens%converged(ik) = 0
        do ist = 1, st%nst
          if(eigens%diff(ist, ik) < eigens%tolerance) then
            eigens%converged(ik) = ist
          end if
        end do
      end if
    end do ik_loop

    if(mpi_grp_is_root(mpi_world) .and. eigensolver_has_progress_bar(eigens) .and. .not. debug%info) then
      write(stdout, '(1x)')
    end if

    if(present(conv)) conv = all(eigens%converged(st%d%kpt%start:st%d%kpt%end) >= nstconv_)

#ifdef HAVE_MPI
    if (st%d%kpt%parallel) then
      if (present(conv)) then
        call st%d%kpt%mpi_grp%allreduce(conv, conv_reduced, 1, MPI_LOGICAL, MPI_LAND)
        conv = conv_reduced
      end if

      lmatvec = eigens%matvec
      call st%d%kpt%mpi_grp%allreduce(lmatvec, eigens%matvec, 1, MPI_INTEGER, MPI_SUM)

      lconv(1:st%d%kpt%nlocal) = eigens%converged(st%d%kpt%start:st%d%kpt%end)
      call lmpi_gen_allgatherv(st%d%kpt%nlocal, lconv, outcount, eigens%converged, st%d%kpt%mpi_grp)
      ASSERT(outcount == st%d%nik)

      ! every node needs to know all eigenvalues (and diff)
      do ist = st%st_start, st%st_end
        ldiff(1:st%d%kpt%nlocal) = eigens%diff(ist, st%d%kpt%start:st%d%kpt%end)
        leigenval(1:st%d%kpt%nlocal) = st%eigenval(ist, st%d%kpt%start:st%d%kpt%end)
        call lmpi_gen_allgatherv(st%d%kpt%nlocal, ldiff, outcount, &
          eigens%diff(ist, :), st%d%kpt%mpi_grp)
        ASSERT(outcount == st%d%nik)
        call lmpi_gen_allgatherv(st%d%kpt%nlocal, leigenval, outcount, &
          st%eigenval(ist, :), st%d%kpt%mpi_grp)
        ASSERT(outcount == st%d%nik)
      end do
    end if

    call profiling_out(prof)
  end subroutine eigensolver_run