oct-display partitions


oct-display_partitions - Graphical representation of the mesh partitions.



oct-display_partitions does not read the standard input: all standard input will be simply ignored. Also, oct-display_partitions accepts no command line arguments.


This program is one of the octopus utilities.

It is a script to use gnuplot to plot the partitioning of the mesh. The files TODO mesh_partition.??? as produced in debug/mesh_partition by the Octopus debug mode have to be present in the current working directory when this script is invoked. The plot can be found in the file mesh_partitions.png . This script generates a gnuplot-script called mesh_partitions_index.gp which is stored in the current working directory and can be loaded into gnuplot manually. With:

gnuplot> load mesh_partitions_index.gp
gnuplot> set term x11
gnuplot> replot

the plot can be reproduced and shown on the screen so that rotating and zooming is possible.