Doxygen documentation

Online doxygen documentation

The doxygen documentation for the main branch of Octopus can be found here. It is automatically generated at a push to the main branch.

Currently, the links to the source code are broken and will most likely point to a wrong part of the file.

Running doxygen locally

To build the doxygen pages locally, go into the folder doc/doxygen/ inside the Octopus tree, and run the command


This might take a few minutes to complete. In case you need to rebuild the pages more often while writing new documentation, you might want to disable the creation of call graphs, by hanging the line




in the file Doxyfile .

Writing documentation

There are several ways how to include comments into the Fortran source, which are shown in the following code snippet:

module routines

  !> @class DummyType
  !! @brief Dummy class, demoing Doxygen documentation syntax.
  !! ### Notes:
  !! * Markdown syntax is completely valid
  !! * Doxygen will infer public/private based on the declarations
  !! * However, it will get this wrong if the default behaviour is changed, i.e. one declares the class
  !!   attributes private by default
  type DummyType
     !> A private attribute will not be parsed by doyxgen
     integer, private :: a
     !> @public An example of public data
     real(dp), public :: b
     integer, public :: c   !< @public Another example of public data, with same-line doc
     !> @private Attributes tagged as private will also not be shown in the documentation
     integer :: d
     integer :: e   !< Assumed public
     procedure :: start => dummy_start  !< @copydoc routines::dummy_start
     final :: end                       !< @copydoc routines::end
  end type DummyType


  !> @brief A dummy initialiser for the DummyType class.
  !! @param[in]  a  Some integer
  !! @param[in]  b  Some double
  subroutine dummy_start(this, a, b)
    class(DummyType), intent(inout) :: this
    integer, intent(in) :: a
    real(dp), intent(in) :: b
    this%a = a
    this%b = b
    this%c = a * b
  end subroutine dummy_start