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Hi,my name is Liuxi,I use this software just now.There is some wrong when I was install the source packages,the problems as follows: first,I was attempted to install the libxc-2.2.0 package,the configure command is

  "./configure --prefix=`pwd`/.. CC=gcc FC=gfortran FCCPP="/lib/cpp -ansi" FCFLAGS=-O3 CFLAGS=-O3 --disable-shared",

the computer didn't report errors,then,I input commands " make" and "make install",it was seemly successfully. Howere,when is install octopus-4.1.2,using the command

  "./configure --prefix=`pwd` CC=gcc FC=gfortran FCCPP="/lib/cpp -ansi" FCFLAGS=-O3 CFLAGS=-O3 
  --with-libxc-prefix=/home/laser/tryOctopus --enable-newuoa",

"/home/laser/tryOctopus" is the path where I put libxc directory(the libxc-2.2.0 package was extracted and generated this dirctory ),the computer report errors:

  "checking for libxc... no 
 (-I /home/laser/tryOctopus/lib/include /home/laser/tryOctopus/lib/lib/libxc.a)no 
 (-I /home/laser/tryOctopus/lib/include -L/home/laser/tryOctopus/lib/lib -lxc)
 configure: error: Could not find required libxc library ( >= v 2.0.0)."

what happend it was? how can I solve it? I am really anxious about it,who can tell me what should I do? Thanks in advance!

Please use the octopus-users list for support questions. dstrubbe 16:22, 24 September 2014 (UTC)