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Octopus developers meeting - 9-11 November 2016

The third Octopus developers meeting took place at the Max Planck Institute for the Dynamics and Structure of Matter, in Hamburg, Germany from the 9 to the 11 of November 2016.

List of participants

  1. Angel Rubio
  2. Micael Oliveira
  3. Nicolas Tancogne-Dejean
  4. Shunsuke A. Sato
  5. Thibault J.-Y. Derrien
  6. Christian Schaefer
  7. Umberto De Giovannini
  8. Philipp Wopperer
  9. Lorenzo Stella
  10. Theophilou Iris
  11. Florian Eich
  12. Hannes Huebener
  13. Soeren Nielsen
  14. Matthieu Verstraete (99.99999% chance)
  15. Miguel Marques (not for the 3 days... I'll let you know later)
  16. Gabriel Gil (he will be developing next year with Carlo)
  17. Carlo A. Rozzi
  18. Kyung-Min Lee
  19. Johannes Flick
  20. Rene Jestaedt
  21. Nicole Helbig (until Thursday evening)
  22. Norah Hoffmann
  23. Thomas Brumme
  24. Fabio Covito
  25. Heiko Appel
  26. Raison Dsouza
  27. Cesar A. Rodriguez Rosario


Wednesday Thursday Friday

10:00 Angel (Welcome)

10:10 Micael

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Discussion

09:00 Christian

09:30 Johannes

10:00 Rene

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Heiko

12:00 Shunsuke

09:00 Coding/Discussions

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Coding/Discussions

Afternoon 13:30 Carlo

13:50 Fabio

14:10 Iris

14:40 Coding/Discussions

16:00 Coffee break

16:30 Coding/Discussions

13:30 Nicolas

14:00 Thibault

14:30 Phillip

15:00 Lorenzo

16:00 Coffee break

17:00 Brainstorming:

The future of Octopus

Evening Workshop dinner


  1. Micael Oliveira, "Migration to git, gitlab, and the future of the testfarm"
  2. Philipp Wopperer, "Methods for calculation of photoemission observables with octopus (t-surff)"
  3. Hannes Huebener, "Pump-probe in solids"
  4. Shunsuke A. Sato, "Lattice dynamics + Comparison with Yabana group's program"
  5. Nicolas Tancogne-Dejean, "Working with solids in Octopus"
  6. Iris Theophilou, "Basis set implementation in Octopus and current stage of RDMFT development"
  7. Fabio Covito, "A novel non-equilibrium Green’s function approach to carriers dynamics in many body interacting systems"
  8. Carlo A. Rozzi, "From PCM to real-time PCM: we have a cunning plan"
  9. Johannes Flick, "Cavity-QED beyond model systems and OEP in octopus"
  10. Lorenzo Stella, "Ideas for computational nanoplasmonics using OCTOPUS: Jellium pseudo-potential generator and projected equations of motion"
  11. Rene Jestaedt, "TBA"
  12. Heiko Appel, "In-situ visualization in octopus, open problems in QEDFT, outlook and wishlist"
  13. Thibault J.-Y. Derrien, "Defining the excited electron density and the hole density in TD-DFT"
  14. Christian Schaefer, "TBA"

Practical information

The meeting will be at the MPSD in Seminar Room SR V. You can find information how to reach it here.