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This is an OpenDX network, aimed at the visualization of wave-functions. To be able to use it, you need to have properly installed the OpenDX program (get it at, as well as the Chemistry extensions obtainable at the Cornell Theory Center ( Once these are working, you may follow a small tutorial on by following next steps:

   * Place in a directory the program, the (needed) auxiliary file wf.cfg, and the sample inp file that can all be found in OCTOPUS-HOME/util.
   * Run octopus. The inp file used prescribes the calculation of the C atom in its ground state, in spin-polarized mode. It also prescribes that the wave-functions should be written in “dx” format. At the end, these should be written in subdirectory “static”: wf-00x-00y-1.dx, where x runs from 1 to 2 (spin quantum number) and y runs from 1 to 4 (wave-function index).
   * Run the OpenDX program. Click on “Run Visual Programs” on the DX main menu, and select the program The program will be executed, and several windows should open. One of them should be called “Application Comment”. It contains a small tutorial. Follow it from now on. 

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