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NAME - Script to create and run octopus regression tests

SYNOPSIS [ option ] ... [ file ] ...


This script is one of the octopus utilities.

This script can be used to generate and run the octopus regression tests.


Dry run. Don't run the test. Only print what would be executed.


Run in verbose mode. Useful for debugging the script.


Show a brief summary of command line options.

-e *file*

Specify the name of the Octopus executable. The default is octopus.

-c *file*

Create a template for a Octopus regression test. This should always be used if you create a new regression test.

-f *file*

This option specifies the input file for a regression test.

-d *directory*

Use *directory* as working directory. The default is a randomly generated directory in /tmp.


Print content of the octopus inputfile which is used for the current test to stdout.


Preserve working directory. Don't clean up the temporary working directory after the run.


To create a template for a regression test run e.g.

 $ -c finite_systems_3d/sodium.test

Running a test can be achieved with

 $ -f finite_systems_3d/sodium.test

If a test run fails it might be useful for bug tracing to preserve the working directory of this run and to print out the input file

 $ -pi -f finite_systems_3d/sodium.test

Run a MPI test with a local directory as working directory

 $ -d./tmp -f benzene.test -e `pwd`/../src/octopus-mpi

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