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Some utilities present in older version of octopus have superseded by other utilities or integrated into the main code, in this section you can find how to replace them.


Not exactly a utility, now there is no complex version of the code, the main executable octopus can calculate real or complex wavefunctions depending of the requirements of input file.


This utility was replaced by oct-propagation_spectrum.


This utility was replaced by oct-propagation_spectrum.

oct-hs-mult and oct-hs-acc

These utilities were replaced by oct-harmonic-spectrum.


This utility was used to calculate the excitation spectrum within linear response. It no longer exists because the linear-response formalism calculations are now done by the main code, by making use of the "casida" run mode. See Manual:Calculation Modes:Casida


This utility was used to replace some of the Kohn-Sham states in the restart directory by Gaussians wave packets. This sort of operation can now be done using the UserDefinedStates variable.

oct-rotatory_strength and oct-rsf

This utility has been removed. It is replaced by a new PropagationSpectrumType in oct-propagation_spectrum.

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