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There is in the current version of Octopus few parts of the code which are not properly documented, or are not covered at all by tutorials. Here is a non-exhaustive list of tutorials to be added:


* Hartree-Fock
* Hybrid functinals (HF)
* Hybrid functionals (OEP)
* Absorbing boundaries
* Circular dichroism
* High-harmonic generation (atom and solids)
* van der Waals (D3)
* van der Waals (TS)
* van der Walls (DFT-DF using libwdvxc)
* k.p perturbation theory
* Kohn-Sham inversion
* All-electron
* Jellium

Isolated systems

* Hyperpolarizabilities
* Ionization potential
* Magnetic susceptibilities
* Molecular Dynamics
* Photoelectron spectroscopy
* Soft-Coulomb

3D Periodic systems

* Absorption spectrum using GaugeVectorField
* Transient absorption
* Magnon kick
* Phonon (k.p perturbation theory)
* Phonon from real-time TDDFT


* oct-conductivity_spectrum
* oct-convert
* oct-local_multipoles
* oct-photoelectron_spectrum
* oct-vibrational_spectrum
* oct-xyz-anim