Videoconference meeting spring 2017

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Doodle to choose the date.

Meeting URL:

Topics to discuss

  1. New release.
  2. Buildbot status.
  3. Merge requests policy.
  4. LDA+U implementation.
  5. POP CoE profiling proposal.
  6. Issue notification.
  7. Other topics


Present: Alain, Alberto, Hannes, José Rui, Matthieu, Micael, Miguel, Nicolas, Shunsuke, Umberto, Xavier.

Meeting Minutes

  • New release
  • Buildbot status
    • New machines in Hamburg using GCC and Intel compilers are up and running. PGI build should be available soon.
    • Plans to add builds with the IBM compiler.
    • We need a new machine to test CUDA builds.
    • Check with Garching about having access to new machines.
  • Merge requests policy
    • It has become a bit more difficult to follow what is going on in the code.
    • All developers seem to agree with the current policy.
    • Merge request should be processed in a reasonable amount of time.
    • Changing the tests should be done carefully and always checked in some way.
    • Reasons for changing a test should always be explained in detail.
    • Merge requests that change the tests should be approved by a least two developers.
  • LDA+U implementation
    • These developments should be moved to a private repository that is accessible to the other developers.
    • Created a new octopus-private project on gitlab for this kind of developments.
  • POP CoE profiling proposal
    • It is not clear what amount of work we need to provide on our side.
    • We can discuss this further with POP people, but none of us as much time to dedicate to this.
  • Other topics
    • Non-orthogonal cells: there are still some problems with the stencil generation; several ideas discussed (mehrstellenverfahren)
    • Agreed to have these meetings every three months instead of twice a year.