Videoconference meeting autumn 2016

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This meeting will take place the 22 September at 18:00 CEST.

Topics to discuss

  1. Development and new developers: We currently have a mess of people working on the code with different levels of participation.
    1. Developer database?
    2. Use pull requests?
    3. Gitlab access levels?
  2. The git migration.
  3. Branches.
  4. Buildbot status.
  5. Domain migration:
  6. Multiple-systems support: modify the code to be able to model several subsystems simultaneously.
    1. Changes to the parser to define sections/groups
  7. Changes to the unit system
    1. Remove UnitsInput mode
    2. Put all units explicitly,
    3. Or give the option of giving units?
    4. What to do with UnitsOut?
  8. Status of frozen, as always.
  9. Non-cubic cell basis conventions (Cartesian vs lattice vectors)
  10. Arranging future meetings.