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* [[:Category:Visualization|Visualization]]
* [[:Category:Visualization|Visualization]]
* [[:Category:Sternheimer|Sternheimer]]
* [[:Category:Sternheimer|Sternheimer]]
* [[:Category:PCM|PCM]]
* [[:Category:Polarizable Continuum Model|Polarizable Continuum Model]]

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Here you will find a collection of tutorials covering a wide range of topics, from the basics of performing calculations with Octopus to more advanced features. Several series of linked tutorials are proposed to guide you on how to perform certain types of calculations. These tutorials do not by any means cover all the things that Octopus can do for you, but hopefully they cover the most common options. You can find more information in the online Manual.

If you have never used Octopus before, then you should start with the Octopus basics series of tutorials.

A complete list of all available tutorials can be found here. The tutorials are also organized by categories that you can browse in case you are interested in some specific type of system, feature, or calculation mode.

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Tutorial series

  • Octopus basics - getting started with Octopus.
  • Optical response - how to calculate several types of optical response with different methods.
  • Model systems - working with model systems, like quantum dots or quantum wells.


Here you can browse the tutorials by categories, or see the full list of tutorials.

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Calculation mode




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Species type



Obsolete features