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The latest release in this series is Octopus 2.0.1.

Check the changes page to find out what is new in this version.


Other releases in this series

  • octopus-2.0.tar.gz
    • octopus-2.0-1.src.rpm
    • i386 (Pentium):
      • rpm, deb, compiled using Intel ifc Version 7.1, Build 20031103Z. Also includes complex and mpi versions.
    • x86_64 (Opteron):
      • rpm, deb, compiled with NAGWare Fortran 95 compiler Release 5.0 (395). Also includes complex and mpi versions.
      • rpm, compiled using Pathscale EKOPath Compiler Suite, Version 2.2.1.


We would like to thank everybody from the octopus-users mailing list who tested 2.0 and helped us finding bugs. In particular, we would like to acknowledge (I hope not to forget anyone)

  • Emir Imamagic
  • Goranka Bilalbegovic
  • A. Sen
  • Bhagawan Sahu
  • Francesco Sottile
  • Carlo Camilloni