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2006-05-04 The octopus development has been switched from cvs to subversion/trac.

2006-03-23 Version 2.0.1 (stable) released.

2006-02-17 Version 2.0 (stable) released.

2005-12-16 A lot of the stuff in the web page was passed to the wiki.

2005-12-12 Version 2.0rc1 (unstable) released.

2005-01-27 New version of the chemistry package for OpenDX (CMSP_Linux-2.0.tar.gz).

2005-01-17 Added RPM for x84_64 (opteron) architecture.

2004-11-09 Octopus-1.4 released, and a small reorganization of the web page.

2004-03-29 Added the "Octopus Analizer Tool" to the docs page.

2004-03-01 Some goodies added to the download page.

2004-02-11 Added the chemistry package for openDX in the download section. I forgot to mention that you can now download .rpm and .tar.gz for octopus-1.3.

2003-11-04 Added a new section in the download page for projects associated to octopus. For now there is the octopus parser, and a fun tight-binding code for carbon.

2003-08-05 I tagged in the cvs version 1.2 of octopus. This version doesn't have any added features, but does have a couple of bugs fixed. The reason for this release is that we will start developing the next 2.0 version soon, so the cvs tree will likely be broken in the near future.

2003-03-17 octopus 1.1 released.

2003-03-07 Sorry, I am a bit sloppy with the news. By now also .debs, two new releases, etc. And, by the way, the expected release date for octopus 1.1 is March 17th. We made a list of things for the 1.2 release. They include:

  • Comment code a bit better, maybe using robodoc, or something similar. Some of the developers oppose robodoc due to the explosion of the size of the source files. Maybe keeping the documentation in separate files would be better. I'll see if I find a night to write the 200 lines of perl to do that.
  • Clean the pseudopotential part (Alberto)
  • Clean LCAO (Hyllios)
  • Clean xc (Hyllios)
  • Paralelization of the ground-state diagonalizer (Alberto)
  • Extension to 1D periodic systems (polymers, Carlo Andrea)
  • Current density functional theory (Hyllios)
  • Optimum control with more than one particle, and with ions moving (Hyllios)
  • Implement Klaus Capelle new variational principle (Hyllios)
  • Extend LCAO, and maybe make octopus do TD-LCAO (??)

If you have more suggestions, or if you are willing to help in any of these points

just contact the octopus team.

2002-09-29 RPMs are now available.

2002-07-10 octopus 1.0 is born.

2002-03-12 Created mailing lists and updated page with a list of references. Let's see is anyone will subscribe ;)

2002-02-24 TDDFT is dead. Long live octopus.

2006-05-04 The octopus development has been switched from cvs to subversion/trac.