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Octopus developers meeting - 22/23 October 2012

The first octopus developers meeting will take place at the LPMCN in Lyon, France on the 22 and 23 of October 2012. I will consist in a "scientific" day dedicated to recent or future scientific developments, and a "technical" day to discuss all technical issues related to paralellization, libraries, efficiency, etc.

list of participants

  • Miguel Marques
  • Alberto Castro
  • Xavier Andrade
  • Nicole Helbig
  • Micael Oliveira
  • David Strubbe
  • Joseba Alberdi
  • Angel Rubio
  • Umberto De Giovannini
  • Lorenzo Stella
  • Matthieu Verstraete
  • Theodoros Papadopoulos
  • Fernando Nogueira


Please add your name here (and a tentative title) if you intend to give a presentation at the meeting

Scientific day

  • Nicole Helbig - modelmb, how to treat more particles in fewer dimensions

Technical day

  • Miguel Marques - libxc, a library of exchange-correlation functionals
  • Xavier Andrade - GPU support in Octopus
  • Xavier Andrade - Compressed sensing
  • Joseba Alberdi - Scalability of the Poisson solvers