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Every given number of time iterations, or after ground-state calculations, some of the functions that characterise the system may be written to disk so that they may be analized. Files are written within “static” output directory after the self-consistent field, or within “td.x” directories, during evolution, where “x” stands for the iteration number at which each write is done. Note that if you wish to plot any function (OutputKSPotential = yes, etc.), at least one of the output formats should be enabled (OutputPlaneX = yes, OutputDX = yes, OutputNETCDF = yes, etc.). [This is not necessary if you wish to plot the geometry (OutputGeometry = yes)]. Note further that the data written by OutputAxisX, OutputPlaneX etc. has always the (side) length of the longest axis; this is independent from the chosen geometry. Data points which are inexistent in the actual geometry have the value zero in those files.

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