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Major releases

For a new major release (e.g. 11.0):

Sample email


Subject: Octopus 11.0 released

Dear Octopus users,

We are pleased to announce that we have just released Octopus 11.0.

The source code, documentation and information for this new release can be obtained from:

Best regards,

The Octopus development team

Minor releases

For a new minor release (e.g. 11.1):

  • Create a hotfix branch from master. The branch should be named hotfix-11.1.
  • Create a merge request on Gitlab having the hotfix branch as source and the master branch as target.
  • Once all the bug fixes have been merged into the hotfix branch, update the version number in AC_INIT in
  • Update the PACKAGING file.
  • Update the debian/changelog file.
  • Merge the hotfix branch into master.
  • Add a new tag on Gitlab:
  • Create a new merge request on Gitlab having the hotfix branch as source and the develop branch as target.
  • Merge the hotfix branch into develop. There should be a conflict in the file, because of the changed version number. Keep the one coming from develop. Other conflicts might occur.
  • Update the Template:Octopus_minor_version wiki templates.
  • Add the new release to the "Other releases in this series" section. There's no need to update the download links, this is done through the templates.
  • Update the Changes wiki page, referring to the merge requests on Gitlab.
  • Update the wiki Main_Page, so it shows this latest release.
  • Add the release to News on the Main_Page.