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BuildBot is a piece of software to automate software builds and test. It operates a server that triggers jobs on a number of slaves. These slaves may be running on the same machine as the server but also on different ones. This opens the possibility to compile and check on different architectures and operating systems.

We now have BuildBot running on Currently, it is configured for two cases:

  • It tracks trunk of the Subversion repository and on each commit, it triggers several slaves to do a quick configure and compilation (without optimizations) of the code. This way, we get an instant response if a commit broke something in a different environment.
  • Each night, the code is build in different settings (with a lot of debugging turned on) and the testsuite is run.

For a failing build, an e-mail is send to as with the old nightly builds. This e-mail contains all output of the commands which have been run by the slave. In additon to this, there is also a so-called page in our Trac that lists all BuildBot activities, and that can be used to have a look at the build and test results.

Configuration of the BuildBot master